About Us

Sassy Saltz's CEO

Hello beautiful people, my name is Alexis Mitchell and I am the face of Sassy Saltz. Everyone usually focus of their physical health and sometimes we as people we do not stop and make sure we are taking care of ourselves mentally because taking care of yourself is more than just physical. I use to be guilty of just overworking myself mentally and physically until i started taking care of myself. That is how I came across bath salts and reading into what each oil or flower mixed in the salts can do for my body and mind and I can so every since then I have been moving throughout my days so much better. Now, I would like to share my products with everyone else and let you all enjoy my products as well. Just soak for at least 30 min and let your mind and body relax and you will feel better than ever to be able to continue your day with a clearer mind. Taking care of your body physically and mentally should go hand in hand. Every ingredient I used is 100% vegan and cruelty free  which makes good on the skin. Here Sassy Saltz will help you "Relax! Refresh! Recharge!"